Artist + Photographer

With a 25+ year career in the field, photographer MatthewHunterJones has a wide variety of subjects that will enhance your home decor in every room.

Make a statement - choose from recent collections in the colorful canyons of Zion, Utah; or a black & white collection of an ancient fishing village in Niko National Forest, Japan.

The Artist's career began while developing film at Wolf Camera on Pacific Coast Highway in Corona Del Mar.  Matt lived through the transition from manual exposure film cameras to fully embracing the digital technology and processing techniques used by the world's top professionals. His current gear combines the best of both: a digital version of the medium format camera, to better match the quality of transparency film he saw in the studio decades ago.

MatthewHunterJones Photography

Orange County, Ca
(949) 735-9324

+ Fine Art Photography

+ Affordable custom prints for your home

+ Digital SLR Photography Lessons upon request